Z-Sold Antique cowboy roping cuffs
Z-Sold Antique cowboy roping cuffs
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Z-Sold Antique cowboy roping cuffs

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Vintage Cowboy riding and roping Cuffs. They are the real deal working cowboy cuffs. Hand decorated with leather stamping tools and aged to a wonderful dark russet brown color. The condition of the cuffs are very good for working cuffs. The wrist area is closed with a buckle which lets you know that these cuffs are from the 1880s. The buckles straps and stitching are all present and original. The leather is strong, and pliable. The cuffs measure 6 inches long, with 2 3/4 inch top holes and 3 3/4 inch bottom holes. These are very old western antiques. These cowboy cuffs unmarked showing considerable age showing almost no surface cracking. These would be wearable, but I view them more as a collectable to accent your working cowboy western collection. 

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