z Sold Pietta Howell 1860 Colt Cartridge Converter - .45 - Blued
z Sold Pietta Howell 1860 Colt Cartridge Converter - .45 - Blued
Pietta Howell 1860 Colt Cartridge Converter - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Pietta Howell 1860 Colt Cartridge Converter - .45 - Blued

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New in the box unfired. Howell Old West Conversion For the 1860 Army or 1851 .44 Revolver. The strongest .45 caliber 5 shot conversion on the market today. It is fast to install. You can be shooting in less than 2 minutes. No loading port to cut just load install and shoot. Designed with historical Re enactor in mind This Drop In converter when installed in the .44 cal 1860 Army or 1851 .44 Revolver looks like a percussion cylinder. Allowing the battle field re-enactor to fire the more convenient .45 cal blanks while maintaining the look of a revolver commonly used during the 1860s.  For Cowboy Action Shooting the cylinder has a five shot capacity, and to be able to use it in Cowboy Action Shooting competition, it was designed with 10 stop notches. The extra stop notches are the safety notches and lock the chambers out of battery. It has been approved by SASS. It is to be used with either smokeless Cowboy loads or Black Powder 45 Colt or Schofield ammunition. This cartridge converter is for Pietta copies of the 1860 Army Colt or 1851 ,44 Revolver. It converts your revolver to fire the .45 Colt or .45 Schofield cartridges. See the picture with installed in a new unfired 1860 Army made by Pietta. It rotates and lock in battery perfectly and also lock out of battery using the stop bolt notch between chambers.The 1860 Army by Peitta is sold separately. 

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