Fabric - Satin by the Piece in your Choice of Color
Fabric - Satin by the Piece in your Choice of Color
Lovely Satin Pieces, each piece is large enough for blouses, shirts, vest or even over skirts. All are authentic for Victorian or Old West. - Click to Enlarge Image

Fabric - Satin by the Piece in your Choice of Color

RJT#4844 -


Pieces of Satin Fabric in your choice of colors. Each Piece has a limited amount of Fabric, Colors and Yardage will vary.
Each Piece was hand selected by our Head Seamstress for color and Historical Authenticity, so you are guaranteed to receive material that will work for your Victorian and Old West sewing projects. Each piece is 58-60 inches wide.
NOTE: These fabrics are sold un-cut, prices are for the listed yardage only.
At these prices all Fabric are NON-Returnable for any Reason
Choose from these Featured Colors
https://www.riverjunction.com/cdn-cgi/image/quality%3D100/assets/images/4844/Gold7Yds-2.jpg https://www.riverjunction.com/cdn-cgi/image/quality%3D100/assets/images/4844/Grey3Yds-2.jpg https://www.riverjunction.com/cdn-cgi/image/quality%3D100/assets/images/4844/Grey5Yds.jpg https://www.riverjunction.com/cdn-cgi/image/quality%3D100/assets/images/4844/Peacock6Yds-2.jpg https://www.riverjunction.com/cdn-cgi/image/quality%3D100/assets/images/4844/TealGreen3Yds-2.jpg https://www.riverjunction.com/cdn-cgi/image/quality%3D100/assets/images/4844/Green3Yds-2.jpg https://www.riverjunction.com/cdn-cgi/image/quality%3D100/assets/images/4844/Green3Yds64-2.jpg

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