Lamp - Rustic Old Red (LED) Lantern
Lamp  - Rustic Old Red (LED) Lantern
Rustic Old Red Lantern is nicely antiqued for a great look of age. - Click to Enlarge Image

Lamp - Rustic Old Red (LED) Lantern

RJT#4953 -


The Old Red is a 15 LED, 100 lumens lantern that brings classic charm and warmth with an inviting Kerosene like light to any space.  Blending rustic design with modern technology, the Old Red features a realistic flickering flame and a control to adjust the amount of light that is generated. No smoke and no fire...the Old Red operates for hours on end with 4 AA batteries, which are included. 

Adjustable Light Output lets you decide how bright you would like it.
  On High (100 lumens) battery will go for 9 hours / 15 meters
  On Low it will be 80 hours

Designed and made from Metal there is a wire-guarded glass globe,  Hanging hook, and with the LED there is no fire and no Kerosene mess, but a realistic flickering flame that is lit by the LEDs for realism. This Lamp is powered by 4 AA batteries (included).

This is a light weight lamp weighing in at only 0.9 lbs and it measures (H) 9” x (D) 4.5” x (W) 4.5”

Item should ship in 10 business days.


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