z Sold 5 Faces Meerschaum Pipe
z Sold 5 Faces  Meerschaum Pipe
5 Faces Meerschaum Pipe - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold 5 Faces Meerschaum Pipe

RJT#5933 -


5 Faces carved on this small Meerschaum Pipe: 1. Facing the smoker a black man with bow tie. 2. To the smokers left a bearded man with turban. 3. Facing to the front and academic with mutton chop beard. 4. Facing to smokers right a Civil War soldier with a kepi. 5. Facing front beneath the four others a mustachioed  man with a clean shaven chin.  The stem is carved of amber with what I believe is surrounded by a silver band with a diamond shaped pattern around. And if the uniqueness of this pipe isn't enough the case is unusual too.  It is made to only enclose the bowl of the pipe but leave the stem exposed and also has an opening in the top so that the bowl may be loaded and smoked while protecting the beautiful bowl.  5 inches long , 2 inches tall, 1 1/2 inches wide.
The art of this pipe is a collectible even if you are not a smoker. I find only one tiny flaw; and that is that the nose of the turbaned man is just a bit flat, possibly from wear in the case.

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