Tie - The NEW 12 inch - Teck Tie
Tie - The NEW 12 inch - Teck Tie
Tie - The NEW 12 inch - Teck Tie - Click to Enlarge Image

Tie - The NEW 12 inch - Teck Tie

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Look at a picture of Judge Parker of Ft. Smith, Arkansas and True Grit fame ~ or any other Gentlemen of State ~ and find him wearing our wide version of the teck tie. These are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Tie width is 4". Tie length is 12" from the top of the knot to the square bottom of the tie. These Ties are pre-tied, you do not have to tighten or loosen the knot Just hook the adjustable band and these are ready to wear. A favorite fashion in neck-wear of our Western states. You can open any book on the Old West and find a cowhand with his wide brimmed sombrero, his gun-belt and holster, and a teck tie around his neck in preparation for his trip to town or the Saturday night shindig.

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Tie - Tie - Tie - Tie - Tie - Tie - Tie - - https://www.riverjunction.com/assets/images/5031/N112Tie.jpg - https://www.riverjunction.com/assets/images/5031/N1143Tie.jpg - https://www.riverjunction.com/assets/images/5031/N115Tie.jpghttps://www.riverjunction.com/assets/images/5031/N117Tie.jpg

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