z Sold Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug Blanket
z Sold Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug Blanket
Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug Blanket - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug Blanket

RJT#BL-5060 -


Two Grey Hills rugs are the finest Navajo weavings with a great interesting history for those that prize these fine rugs. They feature unique designs woven with natural sheep wool. Two Grey Hills weavers tend to use natural un-dyed wools. Colors are created by carding the wool to blend the desired shades. These rugs are know to have the highest thread count per inch as compared to their contemporaries. Stair step and geometric designs are typical. Two Grey Hills is located south of Shiprock New Mexico. This rug is 4' 4" X 3'9". Exquisite 1970 vintage hand-woven American Indian wool rug with an interesting designs. Constructed with natural wool colors , this rug is an absolute showpiece. The natural neutral colors of this gorgeous rug would coordinate well with most any decor. This is an extraordinary rug with calm colors, that will warm your senses. The rug is perfect with absolutely no flaws. (see the photos). As these rug go this is a very good price at $2095. most of this quality and size would sell at $3000. and up. We alway answer questions and entertain offers.

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