z Sold Street Howitzer / Coach Gun / Saw off shot gun 10 Ga.
z Sold Street Howitzer / Coach Gun / Saw off shot gun 10 Ga.
z Sold Street Howitzer / Coach Gun / Saw off shot gun 10 Ga.

z Sold Street Howitzer / Coach Gun / Saw off shot gun 10 Ga.

RJT#5070 -


This 10 Ga. Coach Gun / Saw off shot gun / Street Howitzer / Scatter Gun.  The Coach Gun received its many moniker on the stagecoaches and streets of the Wild West.  Stagecoach companies quickly implemented the use of guards to ride along side the driver carrying a weapon that allowed for some leeway in accuracy as they bounced along the bumpy trails.  Cut-down versions of the Stagecoach Shotgun were also popular among Marshals and Sheriffs for their mobility and lenient accuracy at close quarters.  Thumb the locking lever and you can break open the gun to reveal the lead-spitting barrels of this close-quarters defense weapon. The barrels show some light pitting, common for these antique black powder shotguns.  Close and lock the barrels and cock both hammers. Finger the double triggers one at a time and the hammers will fall. On the plains of the late 19th century there was nothing else like the sound of a shotgun hammer. The feel and action of this legendary Old West tool will transport you back to the Dakota Territory, when your trusty shotgun was your last and best line of defense. Features Overall Length: 36", barrels 20 inches. Lock up is very tight and secure. . The laminated pattern shows very slightly through the plumb brown on the barrels. The hard rubber butt plate shows its age without any cracks and the refinished stock and forearm have no cracks or chips. Marked on the right and left lock "NEW BAKER". Both locks show a brownish patina, with the barrels showing the same.
This Coach Gun is in good shape. Great for cowboy loads or blanks           10 Ga. Blanks

This is an ANTIQUE and can be shipped directly to you in the USA and INTERNATIONALLY. Adult signature required. Sold as an Antique ~ no guarantees, warranties, or liabilities for any actual usage. If any firearms are to be used for shooting purposes, a qualified gunsmith should inspect them first. Adult signature required upon delivery.

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