z Sold Swiss Saber
z Sold Swiss Saber
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z Sold Swiss Saber

RJT#5077 -


This Swiss saber was know as the fascicle knife that was introduced in 1878.  This particular model has the waffle hard rubber grip with 5 rivets rather than the leather wired grip.  This is a single-edged blade with bare sawback and groove on the right side of the blade.  The handle head and guard is made of brass.  There is a logo with the Swiss Cross on one side of the blade.  This saber does not come with a sheath.
The saber dimensions are 25" in length, blade length is 19", width at base is 1.5", and weighs 1.75 lbs.  Blade is aged (some pitting spots, corrosion and tarnish) which adds to its character and authenticity. 
The fascia knife was a side arm tool issued to 17th to 19th century light infantry and artillery.  It served both as a personal weapon and as a tool for cutting FASCINES bundles of sticks and used to strengthen the sides of trenches or earth ramparts protecting the batteries. 

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