Z Sold J. P. Lower revolver Civil War era
Z Sold J. P. Lower revolver Civil War era
J. P. Lower revolver - Click to Enlarge Image

Z Sold J. P. Lower revolver Civil War era

RJT#5133 -


These pistols were actually produced from 1861 through 1865 by William Uhlinger of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are a direct patent infringement of the Smith & Wesson Rollin-White patent. In order to disguise their origin, Uhlinger stamped various markings on top of the barrels, one of which was J. P. Lower.  I don't see many of these guns but they were no doubt bought and carried into the Civil War and are often found in the south. This .32 S&W rim fire, has the usually missing ejector rod. It is functioning properly. Having a very strong rifled bore. Finish is mostly blue/gray. The grips are a very nice rosewood with a small chip in the lower right hand corner.

This is an ANTIQUE and can be shipped directly to you. Adult signature required. Sold as an Antique ~ no guarantees, warranties, or liabilities for any actual usage. If any firearms are to be used for shooting purposes, a qualified gunsmith should inspect them first.

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