z Sold Military Postal Service mailbag
z Sold Military Postal Service mailbag
Military Postal Service mailbag - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Military Postal Service mailbag

RJT#5172 -


Here's a rare, 19th early 20th Century style leather mail/express bag. These were converted to shoulder carry bags from early Calvary saddlebags and used by the military and many found their way into civilian use for the postal service in rural areas.  It's a very rugged, old mailbag with solid stitching all around both sides.  It shows age and wear but has a great look with rich coloring in an Old style. Despite all the loads this bag has carried, it is in good shape. The leather is still pliable with a few age cracks on the straps where the leather was flexed, and one of the straps has broken. but no holes, or tears. For it's age this bag is well preserved and would provide much service yet. It measures about 12 inches high, 13 inches wide, and about 4 3/4 inches deep. On the flap it is marked US.  It was an important piece of express and postal history that you don't find everyday. I am sure this bag has been carried many messages, love letters, moms and dads letters to their love ones in battle and important documents maybe in wars. This bag may have been in the center of historic events before we were even born!  As you can see it was carried by Sgt. Nehunter of the S.R.G. (Special Ranger Group)

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