z-Sold Cowboy Snuff Box
z-Sold Cowboy Snuff Box
Antique Brass Tobacco or snuff box from JR Pearce Saddlery dated 1913 - Click to Enlarge Image

z-Sold Cowboy Snuff Box

RJT#5188 -


Here is an antique brass pocket tobacco snuff box. The top is marked J  R PEARCE dated 1913  with the word SADDLER  on the top lid. On the bottom it is marked GOOD LUCK and both side are bordered with an X pattern XXXXXXX, like so.  I believe this is an cowboy snuff box that was given to a horsemen on the purchase of a custom made saddle from J.R. Pearce and was likely hand stamped on the box by the saddler himself. During the 19th and early 20th century, almost all men used tobacco, and snuff (finely ground tobacco that was snorted) was in favor, as no pipe, papers or matches were needed to enjoy tobacco. The box is an oval shape, 2 3/4" long X 1 5/8" wide X 1" thick. Overall in excellent condition save for a small dent on the bottom. The lid snaps and seals tight.  Perfect as a conversation piece or for Western, Americana, Folk Art, Gambling, Cowboy, or Old West collection / display; or, could actually be used today, for any number of things. Snuff boxes in general are highly collectable.

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