z Sold Left Hand Original Cowboy Holster
z Sold Left Hand Original Cowboy Holster
Left Hand Original Cowboy Holster - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Left Hand Original Cowboy Holster

RJT#5234 -


Single Loop LEFT Hand Holster.
Made from premium skirting leather and with many years of wear left in it. Old left hand holster are found one for every 500 right hand holsters. This one has a nice wide sewn on single loop. The loop and skirt have a wide rolled on rope type boarder design. The main seam and loop are sewn closed and all stitches are tight. This holster has no makers mark and no catalog number, that leads me to believe that it was saddle shop made. That does not make it any less in quality. It compares very favorably with the top makers of the day and shows superior quality to the catalog gun leather from the mid 1800s through the 1900s. This Holster carried a 5 1/2 barreled Colt Single Action, but would also carry a 4 3/4 inch as well. The leather is fully alive but does have a small crack at the leading edge of the pouch. Other that that, it has no tears and shows very little aging. For a left hand southpaw it would be very hard to find a better early antique holster. The outstanding feature or this holster is the fact the the hammer is completely shrouded. The reason for this is to keep the your shooter from accidentally being cocked while working around cattle. "I have had that happen". 
The gun is not included.

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