z Sold One of a kind - Rogers & Spencer Conversion
z Sold One of a kind - Rogers & Spencer Conversion
One of a kind - Rogers & Spencer Conversion - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold One of a kind - Rogers & Spencer Conversion

RJT#5434 -


NOBODY HAS ONE OF THESE !!! ,  A unique one of a kind conversion. This is a wonderful example of what Stu Willey has done !!! . A reproduction ROGERS & SPENCER percussion Revolver Converted to .44 Russian cartridge. It will not chamber, .44 Colt or .44 special. Only .44 Russian. It has a loading gate, ejector rod, floating firing pin, and unlike other conversions a fluted cylinder. The .44 Russian ammo is offered by Black Hills Ammunition and others. Almost undetectable is the fact that the 7 1/2 inch bright and shinny bore has been sleeved to accept a .429 bullet diameter.  Stu will not make one of these for you today as he has left his earthly home for a better place. All Italian marks have been expertly removed. The top strap of the frame is marked ROGERS & SPENCER, UTICA N-Y with the serial number #026059 on the left side of the frame just below the cylinder. Mechanically perfect. The cylinder has absolutely NO!!! side to side, front to back movement when in full cock. The blue has been hand applied and looks as though it is a well cared for antique finish. The ejector rod functions very smoothly. I have made it my business for the past 40 years to find shop made conversions. I have own those made by, Howell, Grenn, Millington, Brown, Barrett, Rapine, Hindle, Gallagher, Carroll, and Willey. As to this R&S you will not finding one of these anywhere, but here.  Ship to an FFL Included is custom made and fit "Hell for Stout" Slim Jim holster to go with your "One of a kind" Shooter.  

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