z Sold Belgium Colt copy
z Sold Belgium Colt copy
Belgium Colt copy - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Belgium Colt copy

RJT#5463 -


If you like odd balls like I do, here is and interesting one. An old Single Action revolver  with a Belgium proof mark on the cylinder and marked "BELGIUM" under the barrel.  The left side of the barrel is marked .38 WCF  or .38-40.  There is no serial number. The gun has a blue/grey patina over the entire metal surface. The bore is shinny with sharp rifling in a 4 3/4" barrel. The cylinder has chambers for 5 rounds. The grips are a polymer stag and fit well. It does not index every time and will need some gunsmithing, but it does have a great old west flavor. The ejector rod has the early style target ejector rod button. Guns like these were often carry south of the border. I show it here next to my Colt just so you can compare.  My Colt is not included in the sale.

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