z Sold Antique Buffalo hunters rifle

z Sold Antique Buffalo hunters rifle

RJT#5467 -


A Plains rifle, used to hunt buffalo for their hides or in some cases for meat to feed a railroad crew.  That's how Buffalo Bill got his start and his name. Has a 34 inch barrel in .58 cal with 9 lands and groves. The barrel is secured with double keys surrounded perfectly fit escutcheons.   The rifling is very strong and crisp. It is my bet that at some time the rifling has been refreshed. I say that because the under side of the barrel shows signs of resetting the thimbles. The barrel is a pleasing deep brown antique patina as is the lock plate and hammer. It has possibly been restocked long ago, with a great piece of fiddle back which has been fitted with brass butt plate, toe plate and trigger guard, it also sports a poured pewter nose cap. It has a double set trigger and a classic plains rifle percussion lock and all are mechanically perfect. All parts appear as original authentic and vintage. Weighs 13.1/3 pounds and was likely shot off of cross sticks. This old gun has great eye appeal and would look perfect in a den or above the fireplace. This rifle will be shipped with the barrel removed from the wood.

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