z Sold American Western Arms .45 Peacekeeper "as new"
z Sold American Western Arms .45 Peacekeeper "as new"
American Western Arms .45 Peacekeeper "as new" - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold American Western Arms .45 Peacekeeper "as new"

RJT#5553 -


The AWA Peacekeeper was in production for only two years, before Colt Fire Arms sued them out of business. Total production of this fine single action was only 2,000 revolvers, and many of those pieces were used hard in SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting. Finding one of these in the condition of this one shown here is not easy. This Single-action revolver was fit, polished, finished and assembled in U.S.A. from parts made in Italy (circa 2000 - 2003).  This .45 Colt. is Deep Blued, with case-hardening of the highest quality and mounted with hard rubber grips. To learn more about its superior accuracy view this video link. CLICK HERE Sued By Colt - American Western Arms .45 Peacekeeper Review & Shooting.  When I researched this Peacekeeper around the internet I found high compliments as quoted here. “have a very good reputation”, “The ones I have seen were very well fitted”, “impeccabile”, ”too bad they are no longer being produced”, “wouldn't shoot anything else”. As you can see there are many that believe this is a top notch single action. The main feature of this shooter is the very smooth and light factory action job. I have handled many Colts and clones with action work but none like this from the factory. As collectable investment or shooter it is sure to provide years of pleasure.
For more details read this write up CLICK HERE Author R. Doug Wicker

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