z Sold Original Spotted Riding Cuffs
z Sold Original Spotted Riding Cuffs
Original Spotted Riding Cuffs - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Original Spotted Riding Cuffs

RJT#5634 -


Original Cowboy Cuffs from the River Junction collection -  Made of top-grade leather, decorated with nickel spots and a single concho on an overlay of light weight leather.  Offers a lot of protection and great styling. The riding cuffs were used to protect your wrist from rope burns when roping cattle. Later on in history they also protected from the barbs on barbed wire when riding fence. A chore that most cowboys had a great distaste for, but it eventually became common. Even later they were in common use as cowboy regalia in Wild West shows. Earlier cuffs usually had a buckle closure with later cuffs in the 1890s starting to show up with snaps on them. These have snaps. Cuff is 7 in. Tall. 

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