z Sold Tin Ear Trumpet
z Sold Tin Ear Trumpet
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z Sold Tin Ear Trumpet

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Antique Hearing Aid. Ear trumpet. This is an old tin ear trumpet from the Victorian Era. Trumpet measures approximately 19" long and is 5-1/2" across the mouth of horn. There are no dents with a lot of paint missing as seen in photos. The horn is not totally in round but this is probably how it was made. For a piece of hearing aid history over 150 years old, this one will display wonderfully. Early tinsmith-made. The antique hearing aid may seem primitive, but you will find it surprisingly effective. The two piece construction comes allowing for repositioning of the talk end as desired. Made by a tinsmith who added the device to his inventory of tin plates, cups, and boxes, sold by salesmen traveling house to house in rural America. Imagine selling this to a deaf man!! WHAT?? WHAT??? no I don't play NO trumpet!! eh say HOW! Speak up won't ya?? No we don't de-horn them cows. Now simmer down young feller, I kaint understand ye when ye shout SO!! Stop tryin to poke me in da ear @#$^&*)( carnsarnit.. Oh say!! ah kin hear dem doves a coo,n. Why this here is a right handy contraption.  I'll trade ye two cats fer it?


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