z Sold Antique Bamboo walkingstick cane.
z Sold  Antique Bamboo walkingstick cane.
Antique Bamboo walking stick cane - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Antique Bamboo walkingstick cane.

RJT#5742 -


An  incredibly beautiful, unique late nineteenth century antique Bamboo walking stick. This cane has a lot of character and substance. The shaft is made of a single piece of genuine bamboo that has lightly oxidized to a rich, dark finish. As you can see, the handle is truly unique. Made from a cut bamboo-shoot. It has a marvelous texture that enlivens the senses. Just holding it in your hand is a sensuous tactile experience.  The "nodes" (the bumpy sections around the bamboo) give the handle lovely texture. A long, substantial ferrule is securely attached to the base. It is made of patinated brass. The shaft shows only minor wear and scratching with no cracks. Bamboo is a great choice for a cane as it is very hard and not pronto cracking like other woods. This  beautiful cane remains in good antique condition and would give a century of service. Measurements: 36 3/4” tall, Handle is 4" tall and 1 1/2” at widest point with a ferrule of 2 1/2" tall. Antique canes this tall are hard to find for use by modern man.

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