z Sold Parlor House Madames Gold plated Double Action , .32 RF cal.

z Sold Parlor House Madames Gold plated Double Action , .32 RF cal.

RJT#5905 -


Though all manner of brothels, cat-houses, and cribs thrived throughout the American West, those “parlor houses” that were elegantly furnished and had the most beautiful and desirable women, were obviously the most profitable. These better establishments were run by a female owner called a “madame.”and most of them armed themselves to deal with rowdy patrons as well as some intrusive competitors, such as this little revolver.
FOREHAND AND WADSWORTH Double Action, serial #3053 , .32 cal. rimfire, 2.3/8" barrel, GOLD PLATED finish, Rosewood grips. Produced in the early 1870s. Revolver is in excellent mechanical condition with perfect function in both double action and single action. Bore shows black powder frosting , with 95% gold plate finish. Grips show good varnish, with no chips or cracks.  The shape of this little gun have always struck me as one of the most exotic silhouette of the frontier era a real eye catcher. The unique cylinder pin/ejector rod is in place a real plus as most of these are lost. A great jewelry show piece to wear with your outfit. The cartridges shown are not included. Perfect for the Parlor House Madame or Her Dandy Man Gambler, Consort.

This is an ANTIQUE and can be shipped directly to you. (adult signature required) Sold as an Antique ~ no guarantees, warranties, or liabilities for any actual usage. If any firearms are to be used for shooting purposes, a qualified gunsmith should inspect them first.

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