z Sold Antique Slave Masters brutal cane.
z Sold Antique Slave Masters brutal cane.
Slave Masters brutal cane - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Antique Slave Masters brutal cane.

RJT#5937 -


In our American south blackthorn canes like this one were used by slave masters and field overseers to forcefully drive slaves to work harder. This ANTIQUE cane is a rare example in that it has extra long and hard thorns and demonstrates the cruelty of slavery. Canes like this were also used as a defense weapon in the boom towns of the old west and around rough river fronts of the era. This old and unusually long and rare stick measures 40 1/4” and weighs 9 oz. The large knob is 1 1/2” X 1 3/4".  Such items are much sought after by museums, Civil War collectors and particularly  those that collect Confederate memorabilia.  This very sturdy cane has many hard thorns wrapped along the shaft. They are intended to cause a painful bruise, but not break the skin. The cane is very solid with no breaks or cracking. It has a brass metal tip to keep the wood from wearing. The dark black coloring is caused by smoking the wood in the flew of a fireplace causing the wood to harden and darken.  The picture of the beating is shown for illustration purposes and is not included.

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