Holster made by C. M. Cain, of Tyler, Tx for a Colt Model 1900 Automatic

Holster made by C. M. Cain, of Tyler, Tx for a Colt Model 1900 Automatic

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This holster was in the Sears Roebuck Co's. 1908 catalog, but was also produce in the late 1870's for early model revolvers as well. A very rare Texas holster made by C. M.  Cain, Tyler, Tx. The holster is a single loop holster with a sewn in toe. There are 3 or 4 stitches missing at the very top of the main seam, an easy repair. All the other stitching is tight and intact. It fits a The Colt Model 1900 in caliber .38 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) with a 6 inch barrel. A rare gun but an even RARER holster. It is marked on the back of the skirt "38 AUTO 6" denoting caliber and barrel length. No other markings are present. It will also fit the 1911 should you wish to use it for that. Ideal for your vintage pistola and will damn sure look better that sticking that vintage iron in an old Colt SA holster. This right hand holster features beautiful floral carving on its main body and roller stamping on its straight loop. Made of russet colored leather. The piece has a gracefully re-curved throat profile. Has very nice age patina with no cracks, rips or tear. Will provide many years of service or just use it for display. The picture Colt Model 1900 is not included.

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