z Sold Gold Prospectors Panning and Mining Display
z Sold Gold Prospectors Panning and Mining Display
Gold Prospectors Panning and Mining Display - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Gold Prospectors Panning and Mining Display

RJT#5974 -


Gold Prospectors Panning and Mining Display.

Antique Grasselli Powder Co. Wooden crate. 

High Explosives Dynamite I.C.C.-14, 50 lb Wooden crate.  This antique wooden box is in very good condition for its age. See pictures. All the  lettering is all clear and readable.
Look at the pictures for more interesting information on this crate.

 Sticking Tommy miners candle holder.
This candle holder is used in may ways. Stuck or hung from a mine timber and even worn on the miners cap.

Antique short pick.
From the mid 1800s.  Measures about 29” long overall, and the head is about 16.1/4” wide.  Condition is as seen in photos showing, cracks in the wooden handle, rust on the head, and other wear.  Due to the fairly primitive way the head was secured to the handle it is loose. 

Antique Wood Handle wide bladed shovel.
I'm not sure of age, but based upon style I would guess some time in the mid to late 1800's. Overall length is just 37”. Blade is about 9” wide. Shovel is still pretty solid.

Gold prospecting pan.
Most important and not to be forgotten the pan. About 16”, with a nice rusty patina, but very good condition.

Gold miners statue.
His pack shows the shovel, pick, Gold pan and other needed utensils.

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