z Sold Serpent Cane carve from one piece
z Sold Serpent Cane carve from one piece
Mexican Eagle with Snake Walking Stick Cane

z Sold Serpent Cane carve from one piece

RJT#6035 -


 Old Mexican Wood Carved Snake Eagle Walking Stick Cane,  35" top to bottom. 1" across at the widest point. This cane shows an Eagle holding a Snake with its wings spread wide and a Liberty Cap above the eagles head. I believe that  was the crest of the era between 1876 to 1911. Twisting its way along he shaft is a snake that covers most of the mid section of the cane. The cane is in very good condition showing no cracks, chips, or breaks. On the upper body of the snake is the word "Twuana". This FOLK ART Serpent Cane was carve from one piece of hard wood.  Early antique Folk Art like this is usable, collectible, historic a great conversation starting show piece.  Nice hand carved primitive cane. The snake and shaft has 100s of burn dots. on the snakes body and  of the shaft with a small balbus knob head the top. It is ready to use and still has years of use left in it. This is the type of item that lends great authenticity to you re-enactor persona and at the same time increases in value and should bring back good value if you ever wish to sell. It displays well.

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