Shoulder Holster Black Ace in the Hole - for XS revolvers RJT#6049
Shoulder Holster Black Ace in the Hole - for XS revolvers RJT#6049
Ace in the Hole Shoulder Holster for Gamblers Pictured in Tan

Shoulder Holster Black Ace in the Hole - for XS revolvers RJT#6049

RJT#6049 -


Made of fine natural leather, and nicely embossed, with a leather strap to help hold the holster on your shoulder, The Ace in the Hole Shoulder Holster keeps your revolver always safe and ready.   Dyed to a nice black color and hand sewn with linen thread. The boarder stamping on the pouch were chosen to closely reflect an original. This holster is made of lighter weight leather than most makers use today, more like what was use in the old days. That makes it lay close to the body and comfortable to wear all day. 
As you can see this holster can fit big or small short or tall, it ajusts to fit em ALL!!!  Easy to fit by simply moving a slide on the chest strap for a perfect fit.
Please choose right or left hand draw, and remember this will be worn on the opposite shoulder.  
This holster is designed to fit "extra small frame", 3 to 6 inch barreled revolvers like, Colt 1849 pocket model, Colt Wells Fargo, Colt pocket Navy, Ruger Bearcat, and many others. Even some small automatics??? It is designed to be a one size fits most in the extra small frame revolvers. In the NOTES space tell us the make of you revolver and its barrel length for the best fit for your "Ace in the hole"
Most all of our holster designs are made from originals we have found. These holster are crafted for River Junction by our most talented leather smith. Each piece is hand-made for us and cut in their shop from the hide.  The piece  is worked and tooled right on the crafters bench and all are dyed, oiled and often sewn by hand. All that at the most favorable price.

Melissa, our OWN pistol packin' mama Says: “ The Gamblers Shoulder Holster is a perfect fit for my “Baby Rock”


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