Beacon Blanket with Indian on horse back
Beacon Blanket with Indian on horse back
Vintage Indian on Horse Back Beacon Blanket

Beacon Blanket with Indian on horse back

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Today, a century after the Beacon Manufacturing Company wove its first fabric on Jacquard looms, nostalgic collectors treasure these blankets' retro aura. Beacon produced blankets from 1920 through the '40s. This vintage all cotton camp blanket measures 60” x 70”. We feel that the wear and age of this blanket is what gives it character and what adds to the soul of the space it ends up inhabiting. No hunting or fishing cabin is at all complete without one or two of these.
Beacon Company sold 21 million a year in the late 1930s. Very few survived as they were simply used up. Collectors will pay from $400 to more than $1,000 for a pristine blanket in a notable design with label intact, and the ones that seem to draw the most interest are the ones with cowboys or Indians like this one. I have had it dry cleaned.  The catalog cover shown is not included.
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