5 1/2" Barreled 1860 Colt by Pietta
5 1/2" Barreled 1860 Colt by Pietta
1860 Army Colt by Pietta with 5.5 inch Barrel - Click to Enlarge Image

5 1/2" Barreled 1860 Colt by Pietta

RJT#6075 -


The 1860 Army saw extensive use during the Civil War and was a favored sidearm of Union troops. Built on the same frame as the 1851 Navy, it featured a streamlined barrel, improved loading lever, and a rebated cylinder for added strength.
This Colt 1860 "Sheriff" model was a shortened version of the American Civil War military weapon used by lawmen and outlaws alike for a faster draw. The Colt 1860 Army model differs mainly from the Colt 1851 by the carcass / barrel connection which also serves as a guide to the rammer. Subsequently, this revolver was much appreciated by  gun hands of the western frontier for its reliability and lighter weight.

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