Chuckwagon coffee pot BIG Coffee Pot - 2 Gallon
Chuckwagon coffee pot   BIG Coffee Pot - 2 Gallon
Nice 2 Gallon Chuckwagon Coffee Pot

Chuckwagon coffee pot BIG Coffee Pot - 2 Gallon

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A true Old West Cowboy/Civil War collectable. A very large tin coffee pot.  In near perfect condition, BUT IT LEAKS. It Stands about 13 inches tall to the top of the lid.
The Copper bottom measures 10 1/2 inch in diameter. This Chuckwagon pot will hold up to 2 gallons. 
This is the real deal like those  used on the cattle round ups.
This is the type of pot old cooky kept on the fire all day. Made to handle a big round up, were the 2 gal. pot was the standard.
These coffee pots in this condition are hard to find. They where simply used up or just left to rust away.

This is a vintage Coffee Pot with a hinged lid. 
The grip on is tin.  The condition is near perfect, NO dents, NO breaks, or NO cracks.
 This is the best 2 gallon TIN pot I have ever seen. Old Cookies pride.
If you want the real Arbuckles Coffee to go with your Chuckwagon pot CLICK HERE
Delivery of item will be in 3 - 6 business days to Continental USA.

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