z Sold 19th century ivory pommel Cane Hound head
z Sold 19th century ivory pommel Cane Hound head
Antique Hounds Head Ivory Cane 19th Century

z Sold 19th century ivory pommel Cane Hound head

RJT#6100 -


A beautifully carved Hound's head Antique Ivory Cane or Walking Stick made with a dark black hard wood shaft with a brass finial. This piece features a Dog's head as the pommel and has been carved by quite a skilled and gifted craftsmen. There are no obvious chips, only a few character cracks, but all are very stable and have been there for a century and likely will be for a century more. 
This late 19th century Ivory Cane is a prime example of the skill of 1800's craftsmen.  A naturalistically stylized carving depicting a detailed Grey Hound like racing dog's head.  The Ivory is distinguished by a creamy and uniform patina covering the head of this piece with character and allure, and a charm all its own.  This beautiful quality ivory handle is 1 1/4 inches high x 3 1/2 inches long and  1 1/8 inches wide, embellished with inset glass eyes. There is a silver collar with intricate scroll and floral work. The overall length is 35 inches, it has minimal signals of use, surviving in pristine condition without dents or chips.  
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