z Sold “bicycle gun”

z Sold “bicycle gun”

RJT#6122 -


In technical terms this would be the S&W Safety Hammerless New Departure Top Break Revolver in cal. 32 S&W Short. Very Nice condition S&W with all nickel remaining. A couple of light spots of freckling. Finish is all present.  This one has a perfect bore. The pivot pin and everything is solid and tight. This gun is even possibly un-fired. Case colors remain on the trigger. Has a set of original black factory grips with S&W monogram.  This is referred to as the "New 32 Departure" or “Bicycle Gun”.  The Bicycle Gun is very rare, and to find one in this condition is nearly unheard of.  SN: 163542 '.32 Safety Hammerless 2nd Model ' Vintage top-break double-action-only concealed hammer revolver manufactured circa 1902-1909. Features a ribbed 2" barrel with the barrel address on the right side, pinned round blade front sight, 'u' notched rear sight on the "T" shaped barrel latch, fluted five-shot cylinder with automatic extractor, smooth trigger, concealed hammer, knurled grip safety, blued trigger guard. ***C&R Firearm***

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