z SoldBag - Medium Size Leather Carpet Bag Style Bag
z SoldBag - Medium Size Leather Carpet Bag Style  Bag
Vintage antique dark brown leather Carpet Bag style - Click to Enlarge Image

z SoldBag - Medium Size Leather Carpet Bag Style Bag

RJT#6138 -


Vintage antique dark brown leather carpet bag style luggage.  Strong, soft and flexible with nice patina. The leather is fully alive and needed only a light cleaning. I make it my business to seek out these great antique bags for my customers.
 Most are used up long before I find them, but not this one.  It is GREEEEAAAAT! To find one that is usable is near impossible. Great for any display or Civil War or Victorian re-enactor.
The Leather strap closer with buckle are both intact and work. The inside plaid lining is in good shape, with wear showing along the top and the pocket has some damage. The Strong leather handles are holding and still attached, they are very well done and all stitches and rivets are solid.
The stamp on the bottom reads "Warranted Genuine Cowhide" One seam near the opening, has two or three missing stitches. I had to use magnification to find THAT!
Dimensions : 15" x 6" x 9" approx.  With handles height 12". This antique leather carpet bag is in outstanding condition for its age, and remains fully flexible, alive, and usable for your travels! Tote your card sharp cheater devises, Or your snake oil sales folderal.

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