z Sold Colt 1851 Model Gun Case.
z Sold Colt 1851 Model Gun Case.
Display Case made for the Colt 1851

z Sold Colt 1851 Model Gun Case.

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Colt 1851 Model Gun Case.
This is a reproduction of an 1851 Colt gun case.
Built with the same materials and in the same style of the
original Colt contract boxes of the 1860's.

This is a mahogany case with hinges and lock inlet in the
manner used in the originals. The lining has been color matched
with the original cloth used by Colt. The label is a reproduction
of the original instructions included with each black powder revolver
that Colt produced.

It is partitioned for the following: The gun in the same manner as the original, Powder flask, Bullet mold, Cap box,
Note: Accessories & pistols not included.

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