z Sold Coffee Pot 4.5 Gallons BIG BIG BIG BIG Chuckwagon coffee pot
z Sold Coffee Pot 4.5 Gallons BIG BIG BIG BIG Chuckwagon coffee pot
Coffee Pot - 4 1/2 Gallons - BIG BIG BIG Chuckwagon coffee pot - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Coffee Pot 4.5 Gallons BIG BIG BIG BIG Chuckwagon coffee pot

RJT#6146 -


A true Old West Cowboy collectable. A very very very large tin coffee pot.  In good USING condition,  Stands about 15 inches tall to the top of the lid and 18 1/2 inches overall to the top of the bail.
The COPPER bottom measures 12 inch in diameter. This Chuckwagon Coffee pot will hold 4 1/2 gallon filled to the brim. I would call it a 4 gallon pot. This is the real deal likely used on round up in Arizona as I bought it in an antique store in Clarkdale Az. 40 years ago.This is the type of pot old cooky kept on the fire all day. Made to handle a big round up, were the common 2 gal. pot just wouldn't do.These big old coffee pots have totally disappeared. They where simply used up or just left to rust away. This is a vintage Coffee Pot with a bale handle.  This pot is the type that was used on the trail. The grip on the bale handle is wood.  The condition is good with NO dents, breaks, leaks or cracks. I doubt you will find another. I have only had two and this is the best one.NOTE: the finger handle at the bottom. When using it to pour be sure to use your glove, it's HOT.  ALSO SEE the STAMPEDE CHAIN attaching the lid to the bail.  A check of old chuck wagon photo scenes will show many coffee pots and most are missing the lid.!!! They bounced off along the trail!!! The STAMPEDE CHAIN PREVENTED THAT!!. I show you here 3 coffee pots for size comparison. The 1 gal. grey enamel pot is for ranch house use, the 2 gal. is for locale ranch roundup, and the 4 gal. is for multi ranch roundup and drive to the railhead. 

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