z Sold Colt, Pocket Model 1849, with Original Holster, Flask & Mold
z Sold Colt, Pocket Model 1849, with Original Holster, Flask & Mold
Colt Pocket Model 1849 with Original Holster, Flask and Mold

z Sold Colt, Pocket Model 1849, with Original Holster, Flask & Mold

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Colt, 1849, 31cal pocket model, frame, barrel and loading lever serial numbered 188397 manufactured in 1861. The back strap and trigger guard #271279 mfg in1865, and the cylinder numbered 10925. But guess what?! It functions very well. All steel parts have a SMOOTH brown patina. The walnut grips have no original varnish remaining. In .31 caliber percussion, 5 shot single action revolver. Weight = 27 ounces
This is an ANTIQUE and can be shipped WORLD WIDE directly to you.  Markings on the barrel, in one line - ADDRESS COL SAML COLT NEW-YORK CITY U.S. AMERICA. This Civil War time period 49 is in fine condition with a bore that shows as bright strong rifling. The mechanically perfect action is tight and correct. The trigger guard and back strap are well patina-ed. The original grips have a chip on the right side, but it is old damage judging by the rounded edge. Overall condition fine. All items shown go with the gun and account for more than half of value and rarity. The .31 caliber brass mold is marked "Colts Patent". The Mold opens, and moves freely. The original flask is a raised relief of the American Eagle and shield surrounded by thirteen stars, and it works perfectly. The Holster is the real rarity. For every 5000 1849 guns you might find, I would doubt you would find one intact ORIGINAL HOLSTER. The Leather is still good and pliable. It was died a black color which is original. There are a few missing stitches at the toe, but the holster will still hold the Colt perfectly as seen in the pictures. 
This is an amazing collection of history, a true must have for any Civil War or Gun collector, and would make a perfect center piece for any collection.

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