z Sold Copy of the Colt 1877 Lightning,
z Sold Copy of the Colt 1877 Lightning,
Copy of the Colt 1877 Lightning - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Copy of the Colt 1877 Lightning,

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This revolver was manufactured in Belgium and is a copy of the Colt 1877 Lightning, and marketed in the USA in the late 19th century. Mechanically it stands up much better than the Colt Thunderer and Lightning. It is a 6 shot double action with a 5 3/8 inch Barrel. The finish shows a smooth and even plumb brown. If you look closely you can see the grips are made of Pressed Buffalo Horn with only a couple nicks and what appears to to be two filed in kill notches. The bore is bright with strong rifling. It is mechanically perfect and locks up well in battery. Chambered for the .38 Long Colt Cartridge. There are some other manufacturers of Cowboy Action Shooting ammunition that produce the .38 Long Colt cartridges. It has the look of a small Colt SAA. I would rather have one of these than the Colt Lightning

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