z Sold Antique money belt
z Sold Antique money belt
Colt SAA or Clones Antique 4 3/4 in barrel Holster and Money Belt

z Sold Antique money belt

RJT#6243 -


This Original Holster and belt, I believed was used during the Spanish–American War, between Apr 21, 1898 – Dec 10, 1898,  and perhaps beyond. This is a Civilian holster and belt in an Old West style with classic tooling and main seam lacing makes it most attractive. Made of medium weight russet colored leather, with a tooled design on the main pouch. It fits a 1873 Colt Single Action Army with a 4 3/4 inch barrel. The leather is soft and pliable. It would be perfect for displaying with your original vintage Colt or you could  just use it. All the laces are strong and intact. The belt has the catalog numbers (93-1) and .38 caliber loop size number. There are 37 bullet loops. These old western double loop holsters and are rarely found in this condition. There are no breaks or tears and the lacing is all tight.  Why, do I think it was use in the Spam-Am war. Well, first because it has had its leather bullet loops remove and replaced with canvas webbing. That keeps the cartridges from sticking in moist jungle climates and second because it has an early Infantry equipment marking disk on the belt. The belt has had slots cut in it to allow the holster to hang lower on the hip in the style of Texas Ranger in the late 1890s and early 1900s. Lastly it is a money belt style belt.  My Colt and cartridges are not included.

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