z Sold One of a kind folk art sword cane
z Sold One of a kind folk art sword cane
Hardwood Folk Art Cane with stiletto dagger

z Sold One of a kind folk art sword cane

RJT#6282 -


A common looking folk art cane with stiletto dagger hidden. The body is of a hard wood with a classic hooked handle at the top.  A straight pull of the pressure fit handle reveals the 7 inch stiletto blade within.  The overall length as a cane is 34" and the condition is good with a crack in the handle that just adds character. It is a classic version of this type of defensive weapon that was carried in the middle 1800s and during the Civil War by gentlemen on both side of that conflict.  It has a very sharp pointed tip and could be a formidable defensive weapon.  The walking stick ends with a brass ferrule. The condition is very good.  (Similar pieces are pictured in "Canes Through the Ages", by Francis H. Monek.)
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