z Sold Bamboo Cane Sword Cane
z Sold Bamboo Cane  Sword Cane
Bamboo Cane Weapon

z Sold Bamboo Cane Sword Cane

RJT#6297 -


All original antique walking cane, which also has a hidden, long metal spike. Notice that the shaft of the cane is actually bamboo which makes it easy to hide the separation where the hidden sword is stored. The handle is made of  bamboo root . This cane measures 35" long and the handle is 7" deep. The metal 4 sided shaft measures approximately 21 1/2" long and sharp. Once you have withdrawn the shaft you now have two weapons, one in each hand.  The very hard bamboo sheath is used to slap and perry while the spike is used to thrust and jab. What a great piece. An all original antique cane that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal collection. (Other items shown are not included.)

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