z Sold Custom made E. G. Smith. historic knife
z Sold Custom made E. G. Smith. historic  knife
E. G. Smith Custom Made Historic Bowie Knife

z Sold Custom made E. G. Smith. historic knife

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 I had this custom knife made for me by master knife maker, E. G. Smith. He was a well know maker of historic spurs, and knives, and long time personal friend of mine. E.G. created this knife from a very detailed drawing which was done by another good friend and partner, western artist, Jerry Riness. E.G. did this massive Custom Bowie knife some time during the early 1980’s. It is constructed with a thick and heavy 9 1/2” blade full tang, 14 1/2” overall length.  Nickel silver bolster, guard, and pommel. The handle looks to be ebony and is inlaid with an early style American Eagle on one side and a banner on the other with the motto “LIBRTY”. Both inlays are attached with nickel silver pins.  Comes with well made dark leather sheath that can be worn on a belt. E.G. made knives for Tom Selleck in “Quigley Down Under” and for Sam Elliot in the Sacketts.

E.G. past away Aug. 12 2016

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