z Sold 10 ga. Sawed off Percussion coach gun
z Sold 10 ga. Sawed off Percussion coach gun
10 ga. Sawed off Percussion coach gun

z Sold 10 ga. Sawed off Percussion coach gun

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Here is an antique 10ga. Percussion shotgun. Shortened guns such as these were used in the Civil War with great effect by confederate cavalry. They were also use to guard gold bullion on stage coaches and trains in the mid 1860s and on into late 70s in the West until they were replaced by the cartridge shell versions. These were used by Wells Fargo, Adams and American Express companies as well as the railroads. The coach gun was carried right along with the Wells Fargo strong box. This one has a brass “WELLS FARGO” label attached to the right side of the stock. This gun was a very inexpensive shotgun and is very plain except for the tag and the “number (41) “ stamped into the stock just below the brass tag. It looks to me that the nipple have been replace and fire in the recent past.  This is a very rugged old shotgun with 20 inch barrels and is 38 inches overall including the ramrod.The stock show handling ding but no breaks or cracks. It would look right in place on a frontier stagecoach or on board an early steam train express car.
For it's age this gun is very well preserved and would provide a century of service yet.  There are no makers marks that I can find.  In the center of the rib it says, “REAL TWIST”.
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