z Sold Rogers & Spencer CONVERSION .38 spec. long Colt
z Sold Rogers & Spencer  CONVERSION .38 spec. long Colt
Rogers & Spencer CONVERSION .38 spec. long Colt

z Sold Rogers & Spencer CONVERSION .38 spec. long Colt

RJT#6435 -


NOT MANY HAVE ONE OF THESE !!! , A unique and rare conversion from percussion to cartridge.
This is a wonderful example of a Walt Kirst prototype Rogers & Spencers conversion. A reproduction ROGERS & SPENCER percussion Revolver Converted to chamber the .38 spec./.38 long Colt cartridge. The cylinder and barrel have been sleeve to accommodate a .357 bore diameter.  Almost undetectable is the fact that the 7 1/2 inch bright and shinny bore has been sleeved. It has a loading port cut in the frame, that matches up to a port in the conversion ring. The ring houses a floating firing pin which allows the original percussion hammer to transfer the hammer fall to the floating firing pin and thus striking the cartridge primer. The .38 Colt ammo is offered by Black Hills Ammunition and others and .38 spec. can be found everywhere. A check of the Kirst web site indicates the conversion is not offered by Kirst and I don’t know that it ever was. All though research show that this conversion was done on the old original Rogers & Spencers in the historic past.  The top strap of the frame is marked ROGERS & SPENCER, UTICA N-Y with the serial number #023074 on the left side of the frame just below the cylinder and on the left side of the barrel it is marked .44 CAL. This Rare Kirst Conversion is mechanically perfect and would provide a century of serves. The cylinder has absolutely NO!!! side to side, front to back movement when in full cock. The blue has been hand applied and looks as though it is a well cared for antique finish. I have made it my business for the past 50 years to find bench made conversions such as this.
I have own those made by, Howell, Grenn, Millington, Brown, Barrett, Rapine, Hindle, Gallagher, Carroll, and Willey. As to this R&S you will not easily finding one of these, but here is one.

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