John Wayne 1920s - 40s Original Catalin Yellow Grips RJT#6439
John Wayne 1920s - 40s Original Catalin Yellow Grips RJT#6439
1920s-1940s Original Catalin Yellow Grips Like the ones used by John Wayne

John Wayne 1920s - 40s Original Catalin Yellow Grips RJT#6439

RJT#6439 -


John Wayne, style Yellow Grips. To be clear I am not saying these were John Wayne's grips.  According to Al Frisch, (one of the best authorities on Hollywood movie guns) he has verified that John Wayne's grips were made by Maurice D. Scarlack of a material Scarlack had developed and he called it Catalin. These are grips that Scarlack made. I am sure that these grips once had a decal that was the same as the one I show here. It was marked "Maurice D. Scharlack handmade grips Corpus Christ, Texas" on the label inside of the grips. They have the finger grooves cut into the left grip like you see on the grips John Wayne used on his personal movie guns. The material was produced in the 1920s through the 40s and was used on first generation Colt Single actions in the early movie industry for cowboy movie guns. Makes you remember the fun of the old Saturday matinee Western. The material is Catalin and is often mistakenly called Bakelite. Click on Catalin for more information.
This set of grips here is on a first generation Colt and the fit is perfect. They could be fit on a second generation, but the fit would be a tad bit small.They look like very old ivory and would beautify any old first generation Colt. They are in perfect shape with no cracks or chips. A one of a kind collectable and almost impossible to find in this perfect condition.
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