z Sold Antiqued and Distressed 1858 Remington Navy Percussion Revolver.
z Sold Antiqued and Distressed 1858 Remington Navy Percussion Revolver.
Antiqued and Defarbed 1858 Remington Navy Percussion Revolver

z Sold Antiqued and Distressed 1858 Remington Navy Percussion Revolver.

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Over the years some Old West reenactors and collectors have had their reproduction six-guns and rifles "ANTIQUED" by talented artists to make them look and feeling more like the antique original arms they see around the collector shows. They know they will not likely use one of those fine old originals to shoot and reenact. Those great guns that cost $5,000.00, $10,000.00 and up, are fun to own and show off but are not made for the hard knocks of frequent use.  Sometimes “artistically, antiquing and distressing” can make both displaying and using practical.  Interestingly enough, many of these artistically created "collectables" are gaining a niche in the collectors market today. In fact so much so that  some of the main stream reproduction importers are having their offerings "stamped out at the factory"  in what they call "Original Finish", but they miss the mark. They are nowhere close to looking like an "old" original as anyone can see at a glance.  At least these artistically created collectables, can be owned and displayed without endangering the value of a great old antique and still offer a believable antique appearance. At my age of 83 years I have made it my business to collect up many such guns and am now offering this one for someone who would like to own it at an affordable price. Details of this shooter are: Correct markings on the barrel.
1st line "PATENT SEPT. 14 . 1858 , 2nd line E. REMINGTON & SONS ILION NEW YORK. U.S.A., 3rd line NEW MODEL" On the top of the barrel. The other marks I see is a serial number  “10275” on the under side of the barrel and several inspectors marks on the frame, barrel and trigger guard (see photos). An excellent metal age and antique patina has been added on all metal and the grips. What a really great looking gun to use for  cowboy shooting or reenacting, and conversation starter this would make on in your holster or on your desk. It is mechanically perfect. It is a copy of the Remington Navy model in .36 cal.
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