z Sold The REAL 2nd Generation 1860 Army COLT
z Sold The REAL 2nd Generation 1860 Army COLT
The REAL 2nd Generation 1860 Army COLT

z Sold The REAL 2nd Generation 1860 Army COLT

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Collectors consider this a direct-line descendant from the original Civil War era .44 caliber, 1860 Colt. They feel these are more authentic in that this was the 1st production of the 1860 Colt Army since the originals used in the Civil War.
In 1853 Samuel Colt traveled overseas and licensed Belgian gun manufacturers to produce his revolvers. Then one hundred years later, these companies regrouped and began producing this six shooter with modern steel. Others have copied and followed since then including the so called 2nd and 3rd generation percussion 1860 Army. The new revolvers were marketed as 1960 New Model Army and were stamped Made in Belgium. At that time of the upcoming centennial of the American Civil War,  and no safe usable arm was available for reenactors. That all pointed to an obvious need. There to answer that need were two important ingredients, original Colt equipment waiting silently in Belgium for nearly a century and a young man by the name of William B. Edwards. Edwards was one of the principals of Centennial Arms Corp. of Chicago. Edwards realized there was a ready market for a second issue of the Colt Army. Edwards entrusted Fabriques de Armes Unies de Li_ge in Belgium with the production of the 1860 dubbed,/
 This (1860)1960 NEW MODEL ARMY is mechanically perfect. It is in near new to mint condition. The bore is BRIGHT AND SHINY. The action is the positive and it locks up tight. It features the original Colt Naval battle scene on the cylinder. This gun is serial number (5153) and so marked on the barrel lug, frame and trigger guard.  The frame, hammer  and loading lever are color case hardened. I believe this gun has been fired, maybe once. It shows other marks such as the CENTAUR figure on the left side of the frame, made in Belgium on the butt, and on the top of the barrel "1960 NEW MODEL ARMY” CENTENNIAL  TRADE MARK.    The rare bonus with this 1960 is the original box in solid condition. The black box is marked on the lid "CENTENNIAL ,TRADE MARK, ARMY PISTOL, NEW MODEL .44 PERCUSSION REVOLVER, CENTENNIAL ARMS CORPORATION, CHICAGO 45, ILL."  

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