z Sold Come on ya lazy bastard
z Sold Come on ya lazy bastard
The Winchester Model 97 Pump Action 12 Gauge Shotgun

z Sold Come on ya lazy bastard

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The Winchester Model 97
The Winchester Model 97 has a long and storied history. The Model 97, is a pump-action shotgun with an exposed hammer and has always been a hit with hunters, lawmen, and the military. No other exposed-hammer shotgun approached the popularity of the Model 97, with over a million being made over its lifetime, ending in 1957. The Model 97 doesn’t have a trigger disconnect, which made it popular in the trenches of WWI. Without the disconnect, the gun could fire as fast as the action could be worked without releasing the trigger. In the fields of WWI, upland game hunters-turned-soldiers supposedly stood watch with the Model 97 where the quick-acting reflexes of grouse and quail shooters helped them blast German grenades lobbed from enemy lines. The goal was to catch the potato masher, just as it came out of the German trench!!!  "THAT I'LL BREAK EM FROM SUCKEN EGGS!!!!."   
The Model 97 is a key firearm in Peckinpah directed film, The Wild Bunch as can be seen with devastating effect from the bloody beginning to the gruesome end. This take down version has a 18 3/4 inch barrel. Manufactured in 1899. The stock has no breaks or cracks and is solid throughout. The wood shows many years of hard service, but this guardian stands ready to provide many more. The puzzle of this gun is the marking on the carrier. They read (JA-CO-BJ) top line and bottom line reads (4882 CJ) . Further the steel butt plate is marked with the initials (JWJ) and further crudely etched with lines to make a more positive contact with the shoulder.      

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