Mammoth Ivory "Look" bone Grips RJT#6477
Mammoth Ivory "Look" bone Grips RJT#6477
Mastodon Ivory "Look" Grips

Mammoth Ivory "Look" bone Grips RJT#6477

RJT#6477 -


"North to Alaska, go north the rush is on" These 2nd/3rd  Generation bone Colt SAA & Colt clone grips look just like   Mammoth ivory!!!
Why "North to Alaska"?  Well, because the Eskimos have been digging up Mammoth tusks for hundreds of years.  They made grips just like these as souvenires of a great adventure in the Klondike. A sourdough prospector purchased grips like these from an Eskimo street peddler in Dawson City and mount them on his Colt, and that just screams ALASKAN GOLD RUSH.  At least that's my story and I am sticking to it.  They show the multi color stain of thousands of year in the permafrost, You will never see another pair just like them. What a great addition this would make to a mining collection, or perhaps a gamblers outfit such as Soapy Smith's.  My Colt is not included. This is an example of our custom made and hand fit BONE grips. They are highly polished natural bone grips that look and feel just like Old Ivory, with all the strong grain and character of mother natures material. These grips are made of very dense hard natural bone and will age just like Ivory over time.  They can be fit to 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Colts and Colt Clones.  We can do the fitting to your gun. My Colt pictured is not included. 

NOTE: For best fit we prefer to have your revolver. 
If you are not comfortable with that, we can work from your original grips. 
In that case you may have some fitting to do, either way the price is the same.

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