z Sold Gamblers poker chip rack.
z Sold Gamblers  poker chip rack.
Gamblers Traveling poker chip rack

z Sold Gamblers poker chip rack.

RJT#6488 -


3 Small Traveling Gamblers Poker Chip Racks. The chips are early steam train and steam ship era "catalin" poker chips. Housed in 3 black painter small wooden racks. The Sharper would likely produce cards from his vest pocket.  Each set of the 3 chip racks would be waiting in a small leather satchel. Each rack would be housed in sturdy past board cover to keep every thing neat and ready.

The cases are 6 1/2 inches by 2 3/4 inches 1 1/2 inch tall. by about 7 1/4 inch tall, with a brass carrying knob. There are 10 stacks of chips in each case. That makes for a total of 270 chips. That's as many as any full size chip racks.  There are chips in each color: 72 red, 63 blue, and 135 white. The chips are 7/8 inches in diameter with no markings. They are not chipped or cracked. Fully loaded these weighs about 2 lbs

It is a wonderful traveling gamblers set. The racks are in very nice condition. To find such a nice set is very unusual. I have included 1 set1 of old cards.

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