z Sold Bag - The BEST Leather Bag I have Found
z Sold Bag - The BEST Leather Bag I have Found
Bag - The BEST Leather Bag I have Found

z Sold Bag - The BEST Leather Bag I have Found

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What a great bag. I can think of 100+ uses for it. Doctor's bag, burglar's tool bag, gun tote bag for holster, belt and ammo.  Or  Gamblers bag. With cards, chips, dice, small cheating devices, a deadly push dagger or brass knuckles to use as your 5th ACE.I hunt for these bags for my customers. I think this is THE NICEST ONE I HAVE EVER FOUND. An antique leather bag made of strong brown leather with a nice patina.  THE LEATHER IS FULLY ALIVE WITH ALL STITCHES TIGHT AND INTACT.  These bags were mostly used up in the 19th century only a few survive. To find one that is usable and with the handles solidly attached is near impossible. Great for any display or Civil War or Victorian re-enactor. The Leather strap closer clasp functions as it should, though the key is missing.  The inside buck tan leather lining is all intact. There is one nice sized inner pocket, able to hold your flask and a pair of sleeve garters or anything else you may need.
The Leather Handles are strong and holding just as strong. The stamp on the bottom reads "Genuine Seal” with the number 16 over an 8.  Dimensions : 17” x 9” x 10” approx. With handles height 13".
 This antique leather bag is in very good top condition, and remains fully usable for your travels! Other items are not included.

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