z Sold Stagecoach Driver's Hair-on-Horsehide Coat
z Sold Stagecoach Driver's Hair-on-Horsehide Coat
Stagecoach Driver's Hair-on-Horsehide Coat - Click to Enlarge Image

z Sold Stagecoach Driver's Hair-on-Horsehide Coat

RJT#6521 -


On the stage run from Fargo to Bismark in the  Dakota Territory you need to be warm. Well, This Long Haired Horsehide Coat, with quilt padded lining, and knit cuffs, will fur sure do that. (Note the  knit cuffs show almost no wear). The two deep, pockets would also provide a measure of comfort in the way of a quart bottle of Old Overholt Rye whiskey in one and a Colt’s Dragoon in the other. The ten toggle buttons would over lap the front to keep the icy prairie wind out.  Also there is an inside breast pocket to carry yer pipe an some tebacky.  This coat is in very good condition. It shows some light wear around the edges of the pockets, cuffs and shoulders. (See the pictures) The coat is soft and playable as if it was warn just yesterday. I have not seen any better with no tears no rips, no loose threads save for the fact of the bottom toggle button pulled loose, (see picture). The knit cuffs are tight to keep the wind out. Will fit men's sizes 44, (Paul, shown here is a size 44), 46, and 48 comfortably and would even fit a flat bellied size 50.This for the coat only. Other items are not included.

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